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Thalia Skin Philosophy

The Thalia Philosophy

True beauty can only be achieved through the process of blossoming from the inside out…

Thalia is derived from Thallo in Greek, meaning to ‘blossom’ and is a representation of the values we hold dear.

In Ancient Greek Mythology, Thalia was known as one of the Charites (Three Graces) reputed to be the essence of beauty, charm and grace. They served as the attendants of Aphrodite (Goddess of love) adorning her at the temple doors with exotic oils and sacred scents that were far more precious than gold.

Our products are crafted back to capture the raw essence of timeless rituals, to a place where mythological legends roamed free. To a time when our bodies were inhabited as our deepest homes, honoured as a source of joy and endless wonder.

It was a time when our desire for beauty was realised through the pursuits of pleasure… this is beauty not in the name of vanity but in the service of self-love.

We invite you to honour yourself, to return once again to this sacred way of sensuality. To carve out small slices of time just for you, to create tactile experiences that envelop your senses, fill you with pleasure and make you feel utterly beautiful.

Thalia Skin and Peninsula Hot Springs

Our formulations marry together ancient rituals with modern technology. We have left no stone unturned to unearth from mother nature’s treasure trove its most revered, active and effective skin treatments.

They are created for those in search of unmatched quality, uncompromising purity and absolute decadence. We sing to savvy, health-conscious consumers, purveyors of purity and lovers of all things wild. Each and every ingredient has been meticulously sourced from its natural place of origin, with the intention of doing incredible things for both your skin and your soul.

Our skin requires many nutrients that our body cannot manufacture on its own.

In an age where our soils are depleted of minerals and environmental pollutants abound, we believe skincare is an incredible way to harness the power of transdermal application by infusing your skin with the topical nutrition it so deeply deserves.

We are beyond proud of our sourcing policy. We give priority to wildcrafted plants grown in their natural habitats, in soils that have not been tampered with, using only an organic alternative. We select rare, exquisite and nutrient-rich carrier oils that are delivered in their fresh, raw and unprocessed states, to ensure the vitality and energetic life force of each precious plant remain intact.

Our formulations contain precious essential oils, which are powerful, complex and concentrated plant liquids that have been harnessed by Kings and Queens alike for thousands of years to support, restore and renew the skin, making them the perfect companions for supercharged skincare.

Your skin protects, pleasures and pulsates. It seduces, it is precious, erotic, delicate and sensual. It envelops our souls with its smooth, supple and soft nature. Let it breathe. Let it drink in our Earth’s offerings. Let it fill you with endless days of bliss.

We are all in the process of blossoming…

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