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Bathing Rituals

Bathing Rituals - Add natural organic skin care products to your ritual at Thalia Skin

by Rebecca Giorgilli

June 17, 2018


Bathing Rituals

by Rebecca Giorgilli

June 17, 2018

Bathing Rituals - Add natural organic skin care products to your ritual at Thalia Skin

The Ultimate Bathing Rituals.

The ancients knew that bathing was crucial to their wellbeing. Perhaps our most famous 'bathee' of all time “Cleopatra” was renowned for her habit of bathing in fermented mares milk and honey, but the ancient Greeks and Romans were also avid enthusiasts, erecting monumental bathhouses for both health and entertainment. It appears even Hippocrates, regarded as the famous father of modern medicine, had something to say on this topic.

“The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage everyday” — Hippocrates

When it comes to detoxification, soothing sore muscles, absorbing much-needed minerals or as an antidote to stress, the humble bath can be harnessed as a health treatment in its own right. While its not news that baths, especially those in decadent tubs are relaxing, the benefits do not stop there.

Immersing yourself in the supportive waters can be a powerful way to deliver an assortment of minerals and healing ingredients, infused by way of transdermal absorption, or as a method of drawing out toxic waste from within the body, as our skin is an organ of elimination.

In modern times, the ritual of bathing can be a luxurious way to purify every inch of your being, by cleansing you of both physical and spiritual grime. If we think about how many religious and spiritual ceremonies involve water, it makes perfect sense that a bath offers an invitation for purification and a chance to hit the reset button.

While you lay cocooned in the soul-soothing waters, throwing a meditation into the mix can enhance the benefits of a bath, allowing you to capitalise on your relaxed state. This means dropping into meditation can be less of an effort.

Every culture covets their very own bathing rituals, from mud baths in the Middle East to milk baths in Egypt. Here in OZ we embrace multiculturalism, especially when it comes to maintaining our health and gorgeously glowing skin.

Today I would like to share with you my most treasured bathing Rituals, to improve the texture and tone of skin, release toxins, ease muscle soreness, deliver minerals, decrease stress, serenade your senses or prepare you for a deep heavenly sleep...

Every Ritual begins with intention, just like when you buy skincare products, so take a moment to tune into what your body needs. Detoxification? Nourishment? A little love? A moment of calm? Declare this now.

Next, set the scene. Light a candle, turn off your phone, pour a fresh jug of water, put on your fav tunes (or simply let the sound of water serenade you). To prepare your body, mind and spirit for purification.

Please remember that when it comes to rituals, prioritising even a ten-minute bath twice a week, is better than a 45-minute bath twice a year, especially if it encourages frequency!

Bathing Rituals The Journal by Thalia Skin

The Detox Bath
1 Cup of Sea Salt (Himalayan Salt or Magnesium Chloride)

1-2 Cups Bentonite Clay

Due to Clay’s excellent drawing effect, it has the power to literally pull toxins out through the pores of our skin in the bath. Making it an incredibly effective way to assist in eliminating toxic substances accumulated within the body. Clay baths are known to stimulate the lymphatic system and deeply cleanse the body’s largest breathing organ, the skin. It is akin to immersing yourself in a sea comprised of millions of minute crystals, and adding salts, Magnesium Chloride or a combination of both, is known to increase the ion exchange of clay in a bath.

Pink Rock Salt, also known as Himalayan Sea Salt is rich in 84 minerals and trace elements essential for our health. Naturally harvested from the deep ancient seabeds, now high up in the Himalayas, was formed during prehistoric times, perfectly preserved by volcanic ash. Even using salt in a bath on its own, has the ability to cleanse your aura and remove negative grime from our energetic body. If you have ever had the pleasure of swimming in the sea, its uplifting effects are evident.

Magnesium Chloride, not to be confused with Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salts), which has a different molecular structure, is known to be more easily absorbed by the body. This typically comes from brine or seawater and is a wonderful source of magnesium, as well as other naturally occurring trace minerals. It is beneficial for skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis, great for aching muscles, and has been shown to boost skin hydration whilst reducing inflammation.

While filling a bath with hot water, pour in Sea Salt, Magnesium Chloride or both, as this will make it easier for the clay to dissolve. Follow by slowly sprinkling the dry powder clay over the surface of the water, swishing the water with your hands, to ensure there are no clumps. Leave for 10 minutes, and use this time to take a shower, removing any dirt or grime from your physical body. Then before entering, add more water if necessary to ensure the temperature is right for you.

Skin into the tub, breathe deeply and allow the water to wash away any energetic grime from your day. Close your eyes, focus on your breath and imagine all negative thoughts, feelings and images being released with every out breath through your pores. Let out any sound that wants to surface, trust me it works!

Then say out loud or in your mind, I let it go.. Do this one breath at a time until you feel lighter and realigned to your inner essence. The only person you are hurting by holding onto this stuff is yourself..

Stay immersed for up to 20 minutes. Common sense prevails, if you feel unwell at any time, stop and build up slowly instead.

On a side note, if you have modern plumbing and the clay is completely dissolved, it should not be a problem to your pipes.

Bring Back The Love
1 Cup of Salt (Himalayan, Magnesium Chloride or Dead Sea Salts)

1-2 Rose Quartz Crystals

A handful of dried floral flowers or the fresh petals from a single red rose

4 Drops of your favourite essential oil diluted in 1 cup of whole raw milk, goats milk, coconut oil or 5 drops of The Awakening Serum.

This particular ritual combines the power of salt, crystals and essential oils to infuse your bath with the most powerful healing vibration on earth. LOVE.

Using the salts already mentioned above, or by adding Dead Sea Salts will ensure purification takes place. Amplify this ritual by adding crystals. They are powerful energy conduits that can assist us energetically, in moving from our head down into our heart.

Every crystal embodies a different energy. We feel this Ritual calls for Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love. Method:-

To start you must clear a crystal before use, as it stores the energy of those who have come before you. You can do this by rinsing your crystal under running water for 2-3 minutes, to remove not only surface dust but also accumulated “energetic dust”. You could also bathe it in sunlight or moonlight outside for 4 to 24 hrs. Full sun or moon are particularly powerful but both ways will purify.

Then you must give it a job! Your prayer is your intention. Hold the crystal in your hands, stand in the light, outside or by a window, and project into it your intended use, such as healing, prosperity, protection or love, and say aloud, I dedicate this crystal for (your purpose). I know it seems a little woo-woo, but just because we can’t see energy, doesn’t mean we cannot feel it. Drop it into the bottom of your bath and soak up the vibes...

When adding essential oils to your bath, we must remember that oil and water do not mix, and contact with your skin undiluted could cause irritation. So the safest way is to mix them is with a fatty substance, such as milk or carrier oil. This will prevent your skin from drying out in the bath.

If you have essential oils on hand stir 4 drops into your selected carrier OR simply add 5 drops of The Awakening serum, which contains Rose Otto and Jasmine, both perfect for opening the heart, evoking euphoria and ensuring supple skin.

We always enjoy taking things up a notch, with the addition of our floral flowers, or the use of fresh petals from a single red rose, imparts moisture and is sure to make you feel like a modern-day version of Cleopatra...

Now set the scene and slip into your bath.

Close your eyes, put your hand over your heart. Imagine with every out breath, your heart opening like a blossoming flower bursting with love. If you are having trouble, try visualising something that brings about those lovin’ feelings, such as a sunset, the ocean, your children or anything that gets those juices flowing.. Let it pour like liquid love oozing out from your heart into every part of you, until it is spilling through your pores.

Stay immersed as long as you need. Common sense prevails, if you feel unwell at any time, stop and build up slowly instead.

May it become one of your many treasured Rituals.

To your blossoming xxx

* If pregnant always seek medical advice before using essential oils.

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